Simply Good Electronic Music

Recipe #2 by Delabrave

Our second release is ready! This time Delabrave selected some yummy beats and cooked to perfection for you to enjoy his delicious mix. Go feed yourself now!

Markus Poch - Barbut + Venus

Markus Poch is putting his first tunes with us! The release is available worldwide and we have a good one for you: name your price on our Bandcamp page. Epic win!

Recipe #1 by Sintetic Collage

We have created a new section for all you hungry for the best sounds. It's called "Recipe" and Sintetic Collage has put his best ingredients for us. Enjoy!

trinxat - Corol·lari

Corol·lari is Maco's "unofficial" first release. Why? Because when Corol·lari was made Maco was just an idea. It features great sounds by trinxat, an anonymous producer we'll maybe never get to know... You can enjoy his tunes thought, we hope so!